Proper Diet Means to a Healthy Teeth

More and more people are becoming conscious on healthy diet including a pursuit to healthy teeth. Researchers found out that the teeth whitening treatment could help you maintain your diet too. Nothing is more important than maintaining a proper diet and oral care to achieve a healthy well being. Primary, the foods which are consumed daily will determine the status of anyone’s tooth.

teeth whitening treatment

teeth whitening treatment

However, there is a study by Dr. Weston Price (Cleveland dentist) which argues on a healthy tooth not attributed to the brushing, flossing and whitening of the teeth. A more related study shows that the diet system of one person will make more sense that any other practices on hygiene and oral care. Dr. Price found out among the native people he visited, less than 1% on average had tooth decay.

These people have good teeth condition, with perfect white and straight teeth. They have a perfectly complete teeth which with high dental arches. The face is well-formed attributed to the teeth and gums. Amazingly, there is no one who undergone though a dental hygiene procedures that the modern time does.  So as no one had its personal toothbrush. Dr Price was able notice the native diets that was able to maintain the healthy teeth. Here are underlying facts on the foods they basically consumed:

  •         Foods were unprocessed which means it is natural and organic. No sugar added except bit of honey and or maple syrup
  • Foods are from grown native environment, locally.
  • They consume unpasteurized daily products and fermented foods.
  • The people culture norm includes eating mostly raw foods
  • They eat animals

With this, if you normally eat more products which are proper to maintain a good health, cavities as well as dental problems will be avoided too. Your diet is a key to healthy teeth. Also the study of Dr Mellanby states that nutrition and diet has a huge effect to tooth structure. Moreover a well-formed kind of teeth is natural not prone to decay. Though there is a small decay on some part, the teeth can heal it once. One example is the Inuit who does chew sand-covered fry fish and leather but has very low rate to tooth decay.

An easy acquiring of the decay was attributed to the modern’s cultures, adopting the nutrient-poor resistance to tooth decay after adopting nutrient-poor foods including sugar and white flour. The eating habits must be the prior concern in dealing with healthy teeth.

More Significant Discoveries

Dr Price further discovered that the time the natural local and grown products are cultured and planted in more added chemicals, the impact on the health of individual had increased. The man made items including the white flour, refined sugar, vegetable oil, canned fruits, condensed milk and other stuffs had contributed to the increasing dental and cavities problem.

Prevention and Cure to Dental Problems

However for problematic teeth that typically needs a preventive action or cure, a dental check up needs to be on a regular basis. Those problems will be addressed properly. Your dentist can remove much of the build-up plaques or tartars on the teeth. Also, gum disease could be treated once it has appeared. A further routine of proper cleaning through brushing and flossing together is necessary. For discolored teeth, a teeth whitening treatment through the non-peroxide gel is even better. Visit

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