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How To: 3 Easy Curry Recipes to Try at Home

Anyone who has been to Thailand or dined at an authentic Thai restaurant, there is one dish that is probably isn’t missing in your dining table: curry. Curries are one of the most notable dishes that have risen from this cuisine and have sprung many versions depending on the region where it is prepared from. If you want to experience Thai cuisine, you need to start with curry dishes as one of the staple Thai recipes just waiting to be discovered.
Thai recipes
If you want to try your own hands at cooking Thai food, here are three Thai recipes to try:
Red Curry Recipe
If you are craving for some Thai food but can’t find a Thai restaurant near you, don’t worry because this recipe is so easy to do! You need 30 minutes to complete this recipe. To recreate the classic red chicken curry recipe from Thailand, you will need the following: vegetable oil, onions, garlic, ginger, red curry paste, chicken fillets, coconut milk, green beans, and fresh coriander leaves. In a large sauce pan, heat up oil and saute the onion, garlic and ginger. Add the curry paste and stir until it is cooked. Add the coconut milk into the pan and bring it to a boil. when the sauce is thickened and reduced, add the rest of the ingredients and keep stirring until the meat is cooked and tender. Season to taste and garnish with fresh coriander leaves just before you take the pan off the heat. Cooking tip: You can adjust the amount of curry paste you use depending on how hot you would like the dish to be.
Korma Curry Recipe
This recipe is popular in Thailand and the rest of the world because this is the ultimate comfort food. But if you know how easy it is to prepare, you won’t be eating this on a take-out again. For this recipe, yo will need the following ingredients: yoghurt, curry paste, chicken cutlets, vegetable oil, onions, tomatoes, spinach leaves, coriander leaves, and rice.
Mix the curry paste and yoghurt in one bowl. When you’re done mixing, add the chicken and make sure that the meat is fully coated. Set aside for at least 30 minutes. Use a stockpot and pour cooking oil to heat. Sautee the onion and garlic until golden brown in color. Add the chicken and continue stirring. Leave it to simmer for a few minutes. Add the tomato and keep stirring until the sauce is thick and the chicken is tender. Finish it off with a dash of spinach leaves – wait for it to wilt before taking off the dish from the heat.
Thai Green Curry Recipe
The last and probably most popular curry recipe from Thailand is the green curry recipe. For this one, you will need green curry paste to achieve the unique color of the dish. The essentials for this recipe are skinless chicken thighs, groundnut oil, coconut milk, mushrooms, lime leaves, chicken stock, garlic, basil, lemongrass stalks, shallots, ginger, chili, fish sauce, cumin and fresh coriander leaves. You can choose to make your own green curry paste or buy ready-made pastes made with various herbs. When the paste is ready, fry the chicken in a pan until golden. Set it aside in another container while you fry the mushrooms for a few minutes. You can set the mushroom aside but continue using the oil where you fried the mushrooms in. Add the green curry paste and stir until it is reduced and achieve that thick consistency. At this point, you can add the coconut milk and water. Bring the heat up and simmer for a few more minutes. At this point, you can add the chicken and mushroom. Season to taste.  See Marions Kitchen
Are you looking for ways to try out Thai recipes in your own home? There is no need to go to your nearest Thai restaurant – you can whip out your own Thai dishes at home! Check out classic easy to do Thai famous recipes at

Celebrate July Christmas with Delicious Food

Among Australians, there is a strange feeling related to Christmas! Even celebrity Chef Neil Perry too has discussed this and suggested that there is a way out! This article will explore about those opportunities. If you live in Australia, you must have enjoyed summer Christmas since you were born?  If you close your eyes and think of Christmas, you’ll find images of snowflakes, Santa wearing heavy woolens like the ones you have seen in movies that are celebrated in Northern hemisphere! So, if you too plan such things during Christmas, why not celebrate summer Christmas with the help from professional firms, which offer services of food catering Melbourne wide and who will manage the food items to be enjoyed during the celebration.

food catering Melbourne3

Yes, one cannot think of celebrating Christmas without food, whether you are celebrating it in July or December! And if you celebrate Christmas during July, you will have many unique items to savor that are not available during December; just ask your caterer who offers services of catering Melbourne eastern suburbs wide for some suggestions.

Here are certain suggestions to make the occasion special.

Christmas is all about the Spirit

So, whether it is December or July, celebrate summer Christmas with the same spirit that you have during December. Yes, you may not get the Christmas tree available but there are other decorations to make the event look and feel great. Get candles, baubles, pine cones and other decoration items to get the feel. And do not forget to serve great food. If you are planning to enjoy from morning, look for breakfast catering Melbourne firms provide, or else there are many food catering Melbourne companies who can serve you the best food to make your day great. Also make sure that music is there as that will create the environment.

Heat Up Your Drinks

You may agree or not, but July in Melbourne is not the exact time for frosty beer to be taken with lunch. For your July Christmas, you may enjoy mulled wine along with your lunch. The services of lunch catering Melbourne firms provide can help you to decide the drinks. After you complete the meal make sure that they serve coffee or tea, and of course, for those with a sweet tooth, nothing can be better than hot chocolate.

Roast, Roast, Roast

Christmas without roast! Can you think of it? The first roast that comes to mind is turkey, but you may consider other roasts too like port, pumpkin, potatoes and others. It will be totally your discretion as to whether you’ll do the roast yourself or handover the job to the food catering Melbourne company. Make sure that you have discussed with them everything you want to be served in your July Christmas party. You want it to be unique, and it’s they who can actually make it dashing for you and your friends.

Don’t forget Santa

Just the way you cannot think of Christmas without food, your kids will miss the spirit if Santa is not present in the Christmas celebration. So, consider having Santa to make the event a successful one.

Christmas celebration is all about the enjoyment and spirit. So, while Jesus Christ was not exactly born in July, God will never feel bad if His children are enjoying and maintaining the spirit! For more details please visit this site

Hiring a Catering Service is an Integral Part in Organizing a Sports Event

The astounding figures of sandwich and other snack supplies at Wimbledon from the Wimbledon oriented FMC catering unveiled the real craze for sporting event catering. According to a report, the FMC catering served 190,000 sandwiches, 23,000 bananas, and 30,000 fish portions for the athletes and associates within a fortnight. With rising demand of athletic meets and sports events, the need for high quality catering services is also increasing to meet the market demand in Midland and adjacent areas.

sporting event catering

Catering Services in Sports Events

While organizing a sports event, a prime part is to arrange the food supply for the athletes, event partners, associates, teams and operators. However, there are special requirements from a sporting event catering provider in Midlands. Since the event is based on the sports activities, the food supply needs to be in accordance with the same. This means the nutritional value, quality of food, freshness and quality of the food supply need to meet the qualitative quotient.

Besides that, every sports event is different and so are the nutritional requirements of sportsmen. Therefore, a running event catering would be different from a gymnastic event catering menu. Therefore, if you are organizing a sports event, you need to scale the proficiency, experience as well as quality of the catering provider you are approaching. You need not be bewildered with the selection of catering provider from thousands of applicants in Midland. You need to scrutinize certain facts including budget and timeline matters to figure out your final decision.

Quality Checks for Sporting Event Catering  

·        The caterers need to be equipped with abundant supply of food materials to ensure that they do not run out of stock.

·        Contemporary menus with variations in snacks, buffet, fruit juices, breakfast, etc.

·        The food delicacies must be toothsome at the same time full of nutritional value as required by the athletes.

·        The running event catering in the Midlands should either have exclusive professional sports specialist nutrition experts or must cooperate with the event nutrition coordinator.

·        Check out their experience history in organizing sporting event catering in Midland or around.

·        You must ensure that the catering service has a dedicated staff, bartenders and of course proficient cleaning staff.

·        Look for exclusive vegetarian menus since many athletes tend to prefer only vegetarian diet.

·        The caterers must have good catering management to chalk out cycling event catering in the Midlands smoothly.

·        The timely delivery of food at the venue of the event is a preliminary requirement.

·        Also look for the delivery packages which need to keep up the freshness, flavor and smell of food in best condition. Bad packaging may ruin the event organizing reputation and disrupt food management.

While you cross check on all these essential facts behind a sporting event catering, you can definitely gauge out a final decision. To make your event a success you can also welcome fresh catering ideas, unique menus, innovative servings and management concepts from the catering service providers.

How to buy best cake decorating supplies

The bride and groom are the focus of any wedding. However, the beautifully designed wedding cake always occupies the centre stage and serves as the focal point of the ceremony. The decorative elements and cake toppers are important aspects of cake, which reflect the personality of the couple, just as the rest of the wedding details. The vendors which offer cake decorating supplies Melbourne wide will not just offer you suppliers of previous generation traditional design but will also come up with new and innovative designs to state the uniqueness of the lovely couple.

Modern wedding represents the individuality of the couple, and the wedding cake toppers are like an opportunity to spread the message of love to the wedding guest. Some of the most popular topper styles include seasonal theme, monograms, traditional toppers, romantic emblems and figurines, etc. It is very important for the buyers to know about the types of toppers available from the vendors which sell cake decorating supplies Melbourne wide, and know how to make the right choice.


Ø Various types of wedding cake toppers

These days, the modern couples are much interested in diverging from the traditional notions and are willing to go for something new for highlighting the duality and individuality as a couple. The vendors offering cake decorating supplies Melbourne wide will discuss the theme and other relevant details about the wedding before designing the wedding cake for the special day. They will try their best to make the cake cutting ceremony the highlight of this one of the biggest events of your life.

·        Romantic: Wedding is all about commitment and love and what else can be better than a romantic theme wedding topper to express your feeling towards your partner. Traditional symbols of love such as chocolates, flowers, heart and wedding bell toppers are used to provide a romantic appearance to the wedding cake Melbourne vendors provide.

·        Funny: These days many couples prefer to showcase their whimsical or humorous personalities to bring a smile on the face of their worthy guests. Elegantly designed cakes with a funny cake topper can surely become a great attention grabber. Depending on the personality and interest of bride and groom, playful wedding toppers are easily available on the market.

·        Custom: For all those clients who are not happy with the readymade collection of cake toppers available at the store, the vendors offer custom designed toppers to decorate wedding and engagement cakes Melbourne wide, which are made exclusive as per the demands of the client.

Ø Conclusion:

Among all the cake decorating supplies, the wedding cake toppers are undoubtedly one of the most important elements, which complement the cake and depict the unbreakable bond of love between the couple. One can go with either the custom designed or the readymade toppers which are available in the cake stores at some of the most budget-friendly prices. You can discuss the theme and size of cake with the vendors who will surely help you in finding the best and most suitable topper that will increase the charm of your cake on your big day.

For more updates, just visit their site at

Fine Pork Delicacies from the Fine Choice called “Welsh Pork”

The pig is known for its quality meat called pork consumed by people worldwide. The meat is a staple ingredient that completes a lot of delicacies in different countries. Some of the meat products include ham and bacon but the meat can also be cooked from fresh meat. Welsh is a rare breed of pig that is native to the Wales. The welsh pork produced by the pig is delicious and one of the best type of pork to exist. People who have not yet enjoyed the nutritive value and the sweet taste that pork has to offer, should try it.

<center>welsh pork</center>

welsh pork

Pork recipes

If you are looking for healthy pork recipes, the following recipes will help you prepare delicious welsh pork meals. The following is a Pork and Tomato Skillet Sauté that’s easy and quick to cook.


4 teaspoons olive oil                                                    2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

½ teaspoon salt                                                           2 teaspoons minced garlic

½ ground black pepper                                                2 cups tomatoes

1/2 thin sliced shallots                                                 3tablespoons chopped fresh basil


 Heat the skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1 teaspoon oil and shake to coat. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the chops evenly. Put the pork on the pan then cook it for around 3 minutes until it looks cooked. Remove pork from the pan then add the tablespoon of oil, garlic, shallots and vinegar. Sauté in 1 minute, combine tomatoes, add salt and the pepper in a bowl and gently toss in order to coat. Add tomato to the pan and cook for 2 minutes, sprinkle the basil and serve the tomatoes with the pork.

Pork Chops with Caribbean Rub and Mango Salsa


1 ½ teaspoons ground coriander.        1 ½ tablespoons ground cumin.

¾ tablespoon sugar.              ¾ teaspoon ground ginger.              ½ teaspoon salt.

¼ teaspoon ground allspice.     1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper    Cooking Spray.

½ cup diced peeled mango.         ½ cup diced plum tomato.        ½ cup chopped cilantro.

½ tablespoon red wine vinegar.        2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil.    Pork chops.


1.      Take the coriander, cumin, sugar, ginger, salt allspice and red pepper and mix them together in a bowl. Rub the pork with mixture.

2.      Heat the pan over medium heat and coat the cooking pan with spray. Grill the pork on the pan for 3 minutes until it’s well-cooked.

3.      Take the mango and mix with all the other ingredients and serve it with the pork.

The following are best pork cuts for roasting.

·         Tenderloin: It’s a lean cut of meat that is delicious when roasted

·         Loin: this part of the meat has a good flavour. That looks like beef rib and resembles pork chops. The meat can be removed from the back bone from the ribs, but it can be easily removed when it’s cooked.

·         Blade: Meat is cut from the bone in the spare rib. The best way to take the meat is rolling it out before roasting it, because it’s difficult to curve if roasted.

·         Spare Rib: The meat on the rib is delicious and has fat in order to keep it moist. The meat is boned out and rolled then tied to near joint.

The best organic pork producers include Porc Wales that produces the best welsh pork. People should therefore consider pork of Welsh quality so as to enjoy its nutritive and delicious values.


Professionalism has become the hallmark of catering companies

Corporate business houses have set a new trend in the field of catering services. This is why the catering companies Melbourne wide are now very much aware that the needs of corporate houses are not limited to demanding varieties of recipes. In fact, they are aware that the expectations of corporate houses are far more.


Value to the service:

In order to keep pace with these growing expectations, a catering company melbourne has today has started providing several versatile services. Interestingly, these added services offered by catering companies are as important as the preparation of recipes. At the same time, these services have added value to the service offered by the caterers.

Multi-cuisine recipes:

As you know, corporate business houses have people coming from different regions of the world. Obviously, their demand for food is such that it should serve the needs of these people coming from diverse geographical locations. In order to meet this challenging demand, the catering companies Melbourne based have specialized themselves in preparing multi-cuisine recipes. In fact, some of the corporate caterers have on their rolls reputed chefs from different parts of the world. By this, the demand for multi-cuisine recipe is effectively met.

Now, take a closer look some of the other demands of corporate business houses and how effectively these demands have been met by corporate catering agencies:

·        As you know, corporate businesses always strive to provide highly professional services to their customers. It is nothing strange that these corporate business houses also expect the catering companies Melbourne based to be professional in their services. For example, the corporate houses expect the catering services to provide food that is delicious in taste, prepared and served in hygienic conditions, and made using superior quality raw materials and so on.

·        Further corporate houses would also expect the catering services to arrange and decorate the table and the venue appropriately. In fact, some of the corporate houses even expect the catering services to arrange for illuminating the venue. It is nothing strange the business houses expect the catering services to be punctual.

·        The firms which offer catering in Melbourne have started customizing the menu and other services as per the needs of the corporate business houses. The representatives of the caterers must discuss the type of food needed and prepare the food accordingly. The caterers are aware that people have now become calorie conscious. In order to keep pace with this trend, catering companies have brought out exclusive menus with lower calories.

·        True to the expectations, the catering companies must exhibit professionalism of the highest order in all branches of their services. The catering services must undertake varieties of services like arranging the table, serving food on exclusive crockery and cutleries, and carefully chosen glasses for wines and so on. In short, catering services must ensure every care is taken to keep the guests happy and comfortable. Check out Essential Caterer.

Understand the needs:

Before undertaking the services, catering agencies are required to ascertain the actual type of services required by the corporate business houses. The catering services should give enough options for recipes and also for serving of the food. It is perhaps needless to point out these are some of the basic services a truly professional catering firm must provide. For more details visit

What You Can Get Out of Preworkout Supplements?

There are many important sports nutrition supplements out there today, but none may be as important as preworkout supplements. You’ve got to get something ready for your body before you start your workout so you’ll get the energy you need to stay active and ready for anything. You may be surprised at what you can get from such a supplement:



  • This kind of supplement can give you energy without the use of any difficult stimulants that might keep you awake for far too long.
  • You’ll also support the cellular hydration process in your body, thus allowing you to feel relaxed and under control.
  • You can also improve your body’s blood flow after using a stim free preworkout. This in turn keeps you from struggling with muscular fatigue.
  • You will also feel stronger with your muscles receiving more support that is easier for you to handle without being harder to handle than needed.

Having a great preworkout material can really do well but you need to make sure it has the right components to make it work. A texas supplement company can provide you with many great features in one of these supplements to help you get the most out of your workout. Here’s a look at what you can get out of a fine supplement:

  • Protein is typically included in one of these supplements. It is a necessity for when you need help with getting your body to feel ready for a workout.
  • Carbs are typically used to release insulin, thus making it easier for the nutrients in a supplement to get to your muscle tissues.
  • Creatine can be found on many of these products. It’s used to move fluid into your cells so they can feel hydrated. This allows you to feel active and less likely to feel sore or possibly worn out in the middle of your workout.
  • Beta-alanine can even be used in a supplement. It is an amino acid that makes it easier for carnosine to be added into your body. This in turn helps you feel active and stronger for a longer period of time.
  • A dry form of caffeine is used in some of these supplements. This helps to relieve you from the pains that might come about when lifting. More importantly, this dry material will not provide you with the same jittery effects that you’d get out of a typical caffeine supplement. It will instead make your body feel a little more active after a good period of time.

These ingredients are used to give you the assistance you demand. Best of all, they will not make you feel worn out all that easily after a good period of time in your workout.

You can always use a preworkout supplement to give yourself the help it needs. A great supplement like this can work wonders for your body and today you can find one by visiting the Astromic Nutrition website at to get help for your needs so you’ll be active and ready for whatever might come about when getting that strong body you’ve always wanted.

7 Reasons to Love Cupcakes

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances you can ever treat your taste buds to. Hence, it is no wonder why desserts are one of the most anticipated parts of the meal. And speaking of desserts, there is a classic that never fails to satisfy: cupcakes. There are several cupcakes Sydney shops that offer gourmet selections so you can enjoy your cupcake however you want. But what exactly is in a cupcake that makes it an all-time favorite for many? Can anyone actually turn down a cupcake?
Here are seven reasons why cupcakes are loved by all, even those who claim to not have a sweet tooth:
1. There are an endless arrays of flavors to choose from. When it comes to enjoying your cupcakes, there is not just one option. You can choose from as many flavors as possible. A classic chocolate cupcake is the go-to option for chocolate lovers. However, red velvet cupcakes are one of the most popular flavors to date. But lately, new flavors are bursting into the scene and are gaining popularity among cupcake lovers too. These flavors include vanilla, banana, lemon and peanut butter cupcakes. Take your pick!
2. The portion is just right. Ordering a whole cake can be extremely filling and you need to share it with several other people. But with a cupcake, you can enjoy the single serving on your own. This is what makes cupcakes in Sydney, or any part of the world for that matter, very popular. You can enjoy the treat to yourself. But if you fancy having more than one cupcake, you can order more than one flavor to so you can indulge.
3. Frosting makes cupcakes more fun! Enjoying the delicious treat of a cupcake is good on its own. But adding a frosting adds more fun and a new layer of flavor to your standard cupcakes. It also makes it a lot of fun if you are baking your own cupcakes!
4.  It is popular with kids and kids-at-heart. There is something about the sugar and sweetness of cupcakes that makes you feel young. Therefore, treat yourself to a piece (or two) to be in your comfort zone.
5. Cupcakes are also very pretty! Aside from frosting, there are several ways to decorate a cupcake. You can use fruits, icing, or some other toppings to finish off your cupcake. It not only makes the cupcake more visually appetizing, but also more pleasing to the taste buds. Most cupcakes Sydney shops offer wide variety of delicious cupcakes with different colors and designs.
6. It is cheaper than a cake! Aside from the smaller size as compared to a cake, the cost of buying a cupcake is also much cheaper than buying a cake. If you really need to indulge, you can do so without breaking the bank, so to speak.
7. You can easily make them at home. With the right ingredients and tools, you can easily bake your own cupcakes. But if you do not have the baking skills, there are always shops that sell them so you can indulge right away!
Craving for cupcakes yet? Visit Vanilla Cupcakery, one of the best gourmet cupcakes Sydney shops. You will find a host of flavors to delight your taste buds.

A journey in time from glass stoppers to beer bottle tops

Some of the brewery essentials are beer bottle tops and closures. After the fermentation is done the glass bottles need to be sealed. Until the 17th century, there was limited use of the bottle tops and there were simple metal caps. With experience, technology and better know-how, the scenario has changed. It is a niche segment and there are exclusive manufacturers who cater to designs, logos and right closures. One can also find beer bottle tops for sale from a previous era! A few have become collector’s items. However, for the modern maker of wines and beers, the right tops mean a lot to their business.  Hence, locating and dealing with the right service provider is essential.

From the cork to sealed tops – A journey in time

Every wine maker or beer maker has a story to tell. It normally finishes with the closures and tops. Even formulations in medicine bottles and jars were sealed with perfection in the absence of technology. However, today the era is different as production of beer and wine has undergone various influences. Even making the metal caps on a large scale has changed. One can find many different kinds of beer bottle tops for sale. Manufacturers who prepare beer bottle tops also make crown caps and seal cans. An engaging screw cap manufacture now applies latest designs, printing and decorating services. As the process of manufacture quickens, the cost factors also have reduced.

The corking idea emerged when there was a need to preserve food, wine and other spirits. Concealing them with the right sealant was always a challenge. It was only in the 19th century the patents for closed jars and soda bottles made the debut. Later came the liquor glass stoppers with embossing on the top. Then came a time for glass stoppers that were specially made for glass bottles of various shapes and heights. The corking came as a solution to a need to recork the bottle. The crown caps were creative and had logos of breweries making the liquor.

Different kinds of bottle tops and caps

Any company that now manufactures the bottle tops and screw caps, has an expanded scope of activities. The caps can twist and pry. Some come with PVC and others without it. There is a separate variety for craft beer. When a client is looking for beer bottle tops for sale, he can also check the screw caps with embossing and printing. This offers a unique design and logo to the product. Furthermore, the packaging is done in a way to minimize the wastage. There are pre-set designs that can be picked up along with the deco. A client can also get an idea of the product in three dimensions, where the model presentation is made to make it easy to understand. Also, several printing colors can be availed and chosen as per needs. When you choose a company that has been in this field for a long time the benefits include:

  1. Good quality
  2. Cost effective
  3. Packaging with less wastage
  4. Design services are included
  5. Innovative ideas for tops
  6. Comprehensive infrastructure for mass production