6 Good Reasons to Use Drink Coasters

The drink coasters Australia has to offer come in different shapes and sizes. These are perfect for every house party or the occasional afternoon get-together with your friends. Prevent wet stains from forming and damaging your wood furnishings, and make your tea parties ravishing and stylish.

With a good coaster, you can say goodbye to white circles on your coffee tables and countertops. And do you know that there are more good reasons for you to use these? Here are some of them.

  1. They Serve as a Place to Set the Glass Down

You might have noticed that your friend is not setting her wine glass down. This is because it is proper etiquette to never put down your drink without a coaster, especially if you are the guest. However, the drink coasters Australia companies like Coaster Kings have to offer are your solutions to freeing your hands and setting the drinks down on the tabletop.

  1. They Can Be Given Away

As the host of the party, you might have considered giving something away as a memorabilia of the event. If you are tired of the traditional gifts, then what about giving out cool-looking coasters. Not only will this item bring out good memories, this will also serve as good conversation starters for years to come. Click here for more information Coaster Kings

  1. They Prevent Water From Staining Wood Finishes

You do not want to damage a family heirloom such as an antique coffee table, do you? It is true that a lot of wood surfaces are easily ruined by the damp glass bottom; however, the drink coasters Australia has to offer are great for shielding these precious wooden articles from water droplets. With its industrial strength glossy material, you will have the assurance that the coaters remain impenetrable.

  1. They Stop Water Rings from Forming

Since these make the coaster impenetrable, you can have all the cold drinks you want without worrying of white circles forming on the table. Oil-based finishes common in vintage pieces have a high-risk for water-damage. On the other hand, varnishes and shellacs may have a protective finish, but these are nothing compared to those with lacquer. So unless your furnishings have a lacquer-finish, you still need those drink coasters in Australia.

  1. They Can Be Collected

If you like collecting souvenirs, surely you are going to love this idea. Why won’t you collect Australian drink coasters? Since these items come in different shapes, designs, and sizes, you will definitely enjoy amassing these and displaying these on your shelves. In fact, there is a word for coaster collectors, especially coasters of beer brands, and it is tegestologist.

  1. They Can Promote Your Brand

On the other hand, you can customise these coasters and even use these in promoting your business. Other small companies have maximised the potential marketing influence of coasters. Since people are constantly using these items at home, surely they will stay reminded of the brand being promoted.

As you see, there are many reasons for you to use coasters. Not only will these prevent wet stains on your wooden furnishings, they are also very useful as a giveaway or a medium for brand promotion. So for the cheap drink coasters Australia has, you can check out popular manufacturers such as Coaster Kings for design options and customisation offers. Find out more https://www.coasterkings.com.au/