Power Problems You Can Avoid with APC UPS Australia

Whenever the main supply fails to work, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) provides a backup power instantaneously. This makes a UPS better than traditional backup generators and an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications. This is especially true if you buy an APC UPS Australia offers, one of the most trusted brands of UPS.

apc ups Australia

Power interruption may not happen regularly in Australia but a UPS is still essential since there are different power problems relating to electrical current. This is especially true for businesses that rely on electronic components, devices, or machines that are sensitive to power interruptions, surge, or spike.

Power Problems an APC UPS in Australia Can Help Prevent

Power cut

Also called a blackout, this can happen when a power line is down or a transformer is damaged. Other software improvements over the years have made some devices, such as computers, more resilient in recovering from a blackout. But if it happens repeatedly, the machine is likely to break and give out.

Loss of power

Also known as a brownout, this can happen when there is an overload of electrical circuits. This can be triggered when you have several electrical equipment connected and in use simultaneously. This type of power problem usually lasts for a short time but the damage it can cause to your device can be long-lasting. This underlines the need for Australia APC UPS to be used between the electrical equipment and the power source.


This happens when voltage suddenly increases for only a short time. Spikes can be caused by lightning or a power restoration after a widespread outage. Because it has the most potential to cause serious damage to electronic equipment, you must invest in a UPS.

Integrated circuits can easily fry during a spike because of the high energy content which they are unable to absorb. Unless a machine or circuit has a built-in spike protection, an APC UPS Australia offers must be used.

Power surge

This happens similarly to a spike but is commonly caused by household appliances instead of lightning bolts, the switch of inductive loads from on to off, or the switch of utility loads. A power surge is most damaging to computer components. A hard drive, for example, can get fried and lose all data.


Not as damaging as a power spike or a surge, noise is commonly caused by interference from generators or lightning. This results in an unclean power going to electronic devices. When noise goes through a computer, the operating system could malfunction and possibly corrupt files. It will affect other computer applications as well.

Faced with these power problems, you should invest in a UPS. Doing so is more affordable than replacing damaged electronic equipment.

How to Find Australia APC UPS

Your best recourse is to get one from a trusted provider, such as Power Quality Consultants. Not only do they provide products, but also a smart solution to an uninterruptible power source and electronic equipment protection.

Make sure to check that the UPS offers:

  • Complete surge suppression
  • An indicator for site wiring fault
  • Noise filtration
  • Backup power
  • Several outlets for various equipment

Get an APC UPS Australia offers today.